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Unity Insights is a human centric firm.  Our purpose is to transform the insights game into the most inclusive industry on our planet. We want to partner with progressive brands looking to make social impacts that are founded on insights from all humans. Our role is to support brands with an enhanced understanding of their market, consumers and society while uplifting all voices. We are witnessing societal shifts among our values, perspectives, and choices and Unity Insights strives to take a data-agnostic approach to articulate these shifts.

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Market Research
Unity provides clients with full-service market research support for both qualitative and quantitative initiatives. We take an inclusive approach to methodology design, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Product Analytics
Regardless of client data maturity, Unity takes a client focused approach to product analytics to help product managers and teams assess customer behaviour related to products and product features.


Customer Analytics
When customer and marketing data is available from clients, Unity uses this data to uncover insights and intelligence around who your customers are and what they are doing across all stages of the experience.

Digital Analytics
At Unity, we understand the importance of digital analytics, we see it as a craft that focuses on the collection, measurement, analysis, visualization and interpretation of digital data illustrating user behaviour on all digital assets.

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